Assistant Professor YANG Hongshun

B.S., Anhui Science and Technology University, 1998; M.S., Henan University of Technology, 2002; Ph.D., Refrigeration & Cryogenics Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, 2005; Ph.D., Food Science, University of Minnesota, 2012; Postdoctoral, University of Maryland, 2013; Auburn University, 2006-2008.

Contact Information

Office: S14-06-06
Tel: (65)-6516-4695 | Fax: (65)-6775-7895
Email: | Personal webpage


ORCID: 0000-0002-2965-4353  
ResearcherID: F-1842-2010


Recognition and Achievements

  • Member of Editorial Board, LWT-Food Science and Technology, Elsevier, 2017-present
  • Publons Peer Review Awards, 2018
  • NJC Partner Award, National Junior College, Singapore, 2017
  • PepsiCo Global Research Competition Award, PepsiCo., Inc., 2011


Research Interests

Overall research interests are food processing and safety engineering. Specific foci are: Organic and/or Sustainable Food Processing; Food Safety Engineering.


Research Highlight

Ref: Yang, D.; Gao, S.; Yang, H. Effects of sucrose addition on the rheology and structure of iota-carrageenan. Food Hydrocolloid 2020, 99, Article 105317. A lower amount of added sucrose (< 5%, w/v) supported the formation of hydrogen bonds between iota-carrageenan and sucrose and increased the gel strength by increasing the density of the network; a higher amount of added sucrose (> 5%) stabilised the gel but increased the opportunity for sucrose-sucrose hydrogen bonds to loosen the network, causing a reduction in gel strength.


Teaching Contributions

  • FST1103 Fundamentals of Food Engineering
  • FST3105 Food Product Development and Packaging
  • FST3106 Sensory and Flavour Science


Representative Publications 

  • Sow, L.C.; Tan, S.J.; Yang, H., Rheological properties and structure modification in liquid and gel of tilapia skin gelatin by the addition of low acyl gellan. Food Hydrocolloid. 2019, 90, 9-18.
  • Zhao, X.; Wu, J.E.; Chen, L.; Yang, H., Effect of vacuum impregnated fish gelatin and grape seed extract on metabolite profiles of tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) fillets during storage. Food Chem. 2019, 293, 418-428.
  • Chen, L.; Zhang, H.; Liu, Q.; Pang, X.; Zhao, X.; Yang, H., Sanitising efficacy of lactic acid combined with low-concentration sodium hypochlorite on Listeria innocua in organic broccoli sprouts. Int. J. Food Microbiol. 2019, 295, 41-48.
  • Yu, X.; Li, Z.; Zhao, M.; Lau, S.C.S.; Tan, H.R., The, W.J., Yang, H., Zheng, C., Zhang, Y. Quantification of aflatoxin B1 in vegetable oils using low temperature clean-up followed by immuno-magnetic solid phase extraction. Food Chem. 2019, 275, 390-396.
  • Sow, L.C., Chong, J.M.N., Liao, Q.X.; Yang, H., Effects of κ-carrageenan on the structure and rheological properties of fish gelatin. J. Food Eng. 2018, 239, 92-103.